Sword and shieldEdit

Swords have some of the lowest average damage levels indeed, but it is extremely capable at variety of other aspects, such as inflicting status ailments.

  • Swords have a special trait which gains a bonus in Sharpness above what is displayed in the weapon details page. For example, if you attack a Kirin with green Sharpness, your weapon will bounce less than other type of weapons.
  • Sword and Shield has the widest variety of elemental weapons. At the same time, most SnS-type weapons have an elemental damage imbued.
  • It has incredibly speedy attacks, capable of quick hit-and-runs and being able to perform a dodging roll anytime it is required.
  • While blocking incoming attacks is possible with the Sword and Shield, it is not as effective as blocking with other weapons such as the Lance. The user is most likely to be broken off from the blocking stance when attempting to block heavier attacks.
  • SnS users can use items with the weapon out, just by holding the "R" button and then using the item, without having to sheath the weapon like all the other weapon types.
  • If you stand still and press "R" and Triangle, you will quickly draw out your SnS and into a defensive stance, instead of the normal unsheathing attack.

Great SwordEdit

The Great Sword requires certain amount of knowledge to use it properly and master it; it becomes a slow weapon if not used correctly. In the hands of an experienced hunter, it is a very handy weapon with a very nice damage output.

  • GS's provide the hunters with shielding capabilities by pressing "R" button. The downside of this is that you lose sharpness with each shielded attack; the amount of sharpness losing this way is rumored to be the equivalent to a bounced attack. Don't forget those whetstones!.
  • The Vertical slash can be "quickdrawn". This means that if you are walking or running and press triangle, you will quickly attack with vertical slash, thus giving the fastest GS attack possible.
  • The vertical slash can be charged. This works just like a bow's charges; while marking the attack if you hold triangle, the attack will charge, this is possible also to charge a quickdraw, it take 3-4 seconds to complete the level 3 charge. And most importantly, the third charge gives really high damage capable of even knocking down a flying Rathalos.
  • Due to the size of the GS, its horizontal slash can get rid of mobs of monsters very easily. This can be a downside for multiplayer quests, since you can also very easily hit your fellow hunters.
  • The Upside slash can literally send fellow hunters flying if they gets hit by it; if used properly, you can save another hunter from monster's attacks (they do not receive damage from this attack and they will be invulnerable while in flight).
  • The GS has its own damage system based on which part of the Great sword you are hitting the enemy. The hilt and the tip of the blade gives the poorest damage, while the middle section deals the top damage.
  • All 3 slashing attacks can be chained together, but no two same slashes can be chained. For example, after slashing vertically(Triangle), either the horizontal(Circle) or the upward slash(Traingle+Circle) can be performed, but not the vertical slash. However, chaining an upward slash and a vertical slash causes a lengthy delay between each attack.
  • Hunters can roll to the sides or to the front after each attack, giving you a nice option for hit and run tactics. This can be done to avoid the delays that come after each attack.
  • Along with many other weapons, you can find the area with the most damage by looking at your slashes: if it flows right through the victim, it is not a weak spot, but if the slash seems to move in slow motion while on contact, it is weak.
  • With the GS unsheathed, you can press SELECT to perform a quick frontal kick. This kick is much faster than the one done with any weapon sheathed, and is particularly useful in knocking back pesky mobs like 'Preys and giving you some time to attack with the GS.

Long SwordEdit

Long Swords are very special weapons. Their handling is quite different from the Great Swords', even though they may come from the same branch. Hunters will find that one can often upgrade a Great Sword into a Longsword, and vice-versa.

  • LS's are very fast compared to Great Swords and can land hits much faster.
  • You can chain your attacks together very easily. For example, triangle, triangle, circle, triangle makes a good starting combo with a lot of damage output.
  • LS's have 2 main branches, Bone Katana and Iron Katana. Generally both types are weapons with diverse elements imbued. LS's are rich in elemental power as well as raw damage.
  • LS's have the "Spirit" ability, represented with a Spirit Gauge below the Stamina bar. Every time you land a hit, the Spirit bar grows. You can use the Spirit Bar by pressing the R button to unleash a Spirit attack.
  • Spirit attacks can be chained to make devastating combos.
  • Spirit attacks do not bounce, no matter the current sharpness or toughness of your target.
  • If you charge the Spirit bar fully, you get a damage bonus of 120 for 30 seconds.
  • Combining all the different moves with the LS, you can do a maximum of 13 chained hits.
  • You can initiate an infinite chain by pressing (circle, triangle, triangle, circle, triangle, triangle), repeat.
  • You can also tie in an extra attack with triangle after every Spirit attack for an effective combo


One of the most important traits of the longswords is the Spirit bar. Using it right, you can use devastating attacks one after another. To use a spirit attack, the R button needs to be used alone instead of circle or triangle.

  • With the Spirit bar full, it will start flashing slowly, and will give the hunter a damage increase.
  • Once the spirit bar is full, it will last 30 seconds while flashing and giving the increased attack effect
  • After 30 seconds without hitting an enemy, the bar will automatically start to decrease