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Sword and shield combosEdit

Weapon Sheathed

Triangle = Draw Weapon
Triangle + R = QuickDraw Weapon, Defense stance

Moving + Triangle = Jumping Slash

X = Roll \ CC (Any combo but CF B and CF C)

Weapon Drawn

Triangle = Vertical attack (Can chain up to 5 hits)
Circle = Horizontal attack (Can be linked after a Vertical one)

Traingle + Circle = Jumping Slash (Can link Vertical or Horizontal attackl after)

R = Defense

R + = Vertical Upward attack from defense stance.

R + Circle = Horizontal attack from defense stance.

X = Roll front

Triangle + Direction = Roll to the desired direction (Can be done after a jumping slash or a chained combo)

longest combo=/\+0, /\, /\,/\,/\,/\,0 Hint: If you do a roll instead of pressing during the long Combo above you can go right on with pressing 5 times and again over and over again and make it an infinite chain ;)

Dual Sword combosEdit

Weapon Sheathed

= Draw Weapons
 Run +  = Forward Thrust
 R +  +  = Instant Demonization

Weapon DrawnEdit

→ Triangle = Right Hand Vertical Slash / CS
→ Triangle → Triangle = 3 Hits 
→ Triangle→ Circle = 5/6 Hits
→ Triangle → Triangle = 6 Hits 
→ Triangle → Triangle → Circle = 8/9 Hits
→ Circle  = 3/4 Hits \ CF A
→ Triangle + Circle = 9 Hits? \ CF B
 → X  = Roll \ CC (Any combo but CF B and CF C)
Circle = Spin Slash Right / CF A

Left + Circle = Spin Slash Left / CF A (MHF2)

Triangle + Circle = Forward Thrust
→ Triangle  = Left Hand Vertical Slash \ CS
X = Roll
→ Triangle = Left Hand Vertical Slash \ CS

R = Demonization

Triangle + Circle = Hurricane Slash (aka Devil's Dance) \ CF B
 Circle = Double Spin Slash Right \ CF C
 Left + Circle = Double Spin Slash Left \ CF C (MHF2)
 R = Normal State/remove demonization

Longest Combo A = Triangle+Circle →Triangle →Triangle →Triangle →Triangle →Circle (11/12 Hits)

Longest Combo B = Run +Triangle→Triangle→Triangle →Triangle→Triangle→Circle (11/12 Hits) (Weapon Sheathed)

Longest Combo C =X→Triangle→Triangle→Triangle→Triangle →Circle (13 Hits) (Demonization)

Longest Combo D = X→Triangle →Triangle →Triangle →Triangle →Triangle + Circle (15 Hits) (Demonization)

Infinite Combo A = ... X→Triangle →Triangle →Triangle →Triangle →Circle →X → ...

Infinite Combo B = Triangle→Triangle →Triangle →X →Triangle → ... (Demonization)

Long Sword combos


Weapon Sheathed

(While Standing)
Triangle = Draw weapon
X = Crouch
R + Triangle = Quick Draw + Spirit Slash Attack

(While Moving)
 = Quick Draw
R + Triangle = Quick Draw
X = Roll
[R + Circle ] + Triangle= Quick Draw + Spirit Slash Attack

Weapon DrawnEdit

Triangle= Vertical Slash
Triangle = Second Vertical Slash
Circle = Frontal Stab
Circle= Foreward Stab
Triangle = Vertical upward slash

Triangle + Circle = Horizontal Slash + Small back Jump The Horizontal Slash & small back jump can be chained after almost every attack, almost like a finishing attack.

Infinte Combo!

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle and so on.

R = Spirit Slash attack (Can be Used up to 3 times)

Triangle = Frontal Stab (regardless its triangle it will be a frontal stab)

NOTE: The Spirit attack can be used 3 times by itself, and the third attack will always be the finishing slash, using 3 slash attacks instead of 1. Also, only the first and second attacks can be chained to an extra attack with the circle button, while the third attack can only be followed by a roll (like all the other attacks) or a Horizontal slash and a small jump back (also just like all the other attacks).

Lance Combos



Triangle = Draw weapon

X = Roll R + Triangle = Quick Draw & Defensive stance Triangle + Direction = Quick Draw + Frontal Stab

Weapon Drawn

R(HOLD) = Defense
R(HOLD) + Triangle = Defensive + Frontal Stab
X = Small jump back (Can be used as long as there is stamina)
Triangle = Frontal Stab (Can be chained up to 3 times) 
Circle = Diagonal Stab (Can be chained up to 3 times) 
After any Stab + Left/Right +  = Sideway small jump (Can be used up to 3 times)
Triangle + Circle = Charging attack (The hunter will run until stamina is depleted) 
During Charging attack + Triangle = Frontal Stab & End of charging attack 
During Charging attack + Circle = End of charging attack



Weapon Sheathed

Triangle = Draw Weapon
Triangle + R = Quick Draw & Defensive stance
Circle + Direction = Quick Draw + Rushing Upward attack

The Rushing upward attack can be used to move out of dangerous spots as it has a very fast reaction move to the direction compared to all other attacks (and to lance attacks as well).

Weapon Drawn

The Gunlance is a special weapon when it comes to its way of chaining the attacks, it is as follow, you can do up to 3 lance attacks, be it uppercut, frontal thrust, diagonal stab or regular one. Even though its this way you can Link more together by using either a shell shot or a sideways movement or back jump. This way a hunter can perform an "infinite" series of chained attacks as long as stamina allows to perform the jumps or there's ammunition for shellshots.

R(HOLD) = Defense
R + Triangle = Guard Attack (Diagonal, can be chained)
After Diagonal Attack Circle = Diagonal Shell shot
After Diagonal Shell shot Triangle = Diagonal Attack (Can be chained)
X = Back-step (Can be used to link chains)
After any Attack X + Left Or Right Direction = Side step (Can be used to link chains)
Triangle = Forward Thrust (can be chained)
Triangle + Circle = Upward Swing
After Upward Swing Triangle = Diagonal Attack
After Upward Swing Circle = Upward Shell shotDirection + Circle = Rushing upward thrust
After Backstep Circle = Backstep-Reload or Backstep-Shell shot, if ammo is full.