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Treasure Hunting Quest ListsEdit

All Areas

Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Wyvernshroom Loved by humans and Mosswine. Reproductive power. Mushroom Patches 200 3
Wyverngrass A type of grass loved by herbivores. Incredibly adaptive Herb Spots 100 3
Dragonite (S) A rarely formed small stone from inside a monster. Carves, Gathering 100 3
Dragonite (M) A rarely formed stone from inside a monster. Carves, Gathering 300 4
Dragonite (L) A rarely formed large stone from inside a monster. Carves, Gathering 500 5
Dragonrock A rarely formed rock from inside a monster. An ultimate item. Carves, Mining, Gathering, Bug Spots Egglike 2000 4
Dragonrock+ Rare even for Dragonrock. Very seldom seen. Carves, Mining, Gathering, Bug Spots Egglike 3000 5
Hard Dragonrock Hard dragonrock of high quality. Finding this is very difficult. Mining, Gathering, Egg Spots Egglike 4000 5
Wyvern Ore Ore like a Wyvern's scale. Beautiful but fragile. Mining Spots 100 3
Pure Wyvern Ore Wyvern Ore of a high purity. Makes a great gift for a sweetheart. Mining Spots 300 4
Small Wyvernfish Species of rare fish said to be a living fossil. A bit of a runt. Fishing Spots, Felyne drop 100 3
Medium Wyvernfsh Speciees of rare fish said to be a living fossil. Needs growth. Fishing Spots, Felyne drop 300 4
Large Wyvernfish Species of rare fish said to be a living fossil. Manly size Fishing Spots, Felyne drop 500 5
Pickaxe Fish A fresh fish that can be used as a pickaxe. Fishing Spots 100 3
Bugnet Fish A fresh fish that can be used as a bugnet. Fishing Spots 100 3
Pillowbug A bug with an elegant cry. Intoxicating to classical poets. Bug Spots 800 5
Rathian Fly The unusually rare females have a awe-inspiring green body. Bug Spots 300 4
Rathalos Fly The red body is the defining point of this wyvern fly. Bug Spots 100 3

[edit] Snowy MountainsEdit


Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Blango Bacon The bacon of a Blango. Used in Pokke buffets. Blango carve 800 5
Blngo Flrry Ball Snowball thrown by a Blango. Looks like a face... Area 2(honey), Area 3(mining), Area 4(ice crystals, honey), Area 8(herbs through hole) Combine with Blizzrd Ball to make Snowman 100 3
Blngo Blzrd Ball Snowball thrown by a Blango. Looks like a pot belly... Area 6(berries), Area 7(whetstones, south camp) Combine with Flurry Ball to make Snowman 200 3
Blangonga Apple White Apple that grows in areas of heavy snowfall. Quite juicy. Area 6(herbs), Area 7(herbs), Area 8(herbs through hole) 1000 6
Chuck Mackerel Often found near Lady Mackerel. Has a white beard. Area 1(fishing) 600 5
Eldr Drgn Tears An unknown mass that is said to be Elder Dragon Tears. Area 3 (eggs) Egglike 8000 6
Embroidered Flag A Guild Flag. If placed on the summit of the mountain... Area 2(honey), Area 5(mining) Take to the top of area 8 to raise 200

Raised: 3000

Frozen Meatball Frozen meat of an ancient monster. You must try it once. Area 3(eggs), Area 6(berries) Egglike 5000 5
Furiamond Ore mined from the Fury Mountains. Unbreakably strong. Area 2(mining), Area 5(mining), Area 8(mining) 500 5
Giadrome Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Giadrome. Truly exquisite. Giadrome Carve Egglike 15000 8
Giadrome Thigh The thigh meat of a Giadrome. Great boiled or baked. Giadrome Carve 1000 5
Glitter Mushroom Beautiful, glittering mushroom. Highly prized. Area 6(herbs), Area 7(south camp) 800 4
Green Fin Crest of a Giadrome. The shade of the green determines its value. Giadrome Carve 1500 5
Lady Mackerel A mackerel with elegant scales. Finicky when eating bait. Area 1(fishing) 800 5
Pokke Snowman Made in the Pokke style. A true marvel of natural engineering Combine Flurry Ball, Blizzard Ball 1000 7
Pokke Quartz Said to bring its owner good luck. Feels cold to the touch. Area 2(mining), Area 8(mining) 1000 6
Princess Scarab A mysterious sparkling scarab. Used by fortune tellers. Area 1(bugs0, Area 2(bugs) 500 5
Popo Dandelion Brown, fluffy flower that is beloved as a snack by Popos Area 7(herbs), Area 8(herbs through hole) 500 4

[edit] JungleEdit


Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Angler Snapper A phantom fish said only to appear before a true angler. Area 9(fishing) 1000 6
Buckshot Acorn Resembles the shape of a bullet. Won't explode, but very heavy! Area 10(mushroom) Egglike 5000 6
Cleopatris A star among insects. Its antennae evoke oriental beauty. Area 10(bugs) 1000 6
Flyn Crwn Frgmnt A Felyne paw shaped fragment. Looks to be a crown... Gathering in Area 5(mushrooms) Area 6(herbs), Area 8(bones), Area 10(Whetstones) Combine with Felyne Crown Fragment to make Felyne Crown 200 3
Inferior Flyn Crn Melynx size crown. But it just isn't quite up to snuff. Gathering Area 1(herbs), Area 2(east herbs), Area 3(honey), Area 4(east herbs) 8 (dung spot behind rock.) Combine with Inferior Felyne Crown to make Felyne Crown 300 3
Felyne Crown Proof of the king of beasts. Bow before its bearer. Combine Crown Fragment, Inferior Crown 2000 7
Jumboite Ore mined from around Jumbo Village. Attractive shape. Area 7(mining) 500 5
Kelbi Nuts Highly nutritional value. Even Kelbi love these peanuts. Area 6(bones), Area 8(bones) 600 4
Kut-ku Cartilage Kut-Ku cartilage. A tasty snack that should never go to waste. Kut-Ku carve 2500 5
Kut-Ku Gizzards Internal organs of a Kut-Ku. A tasty treat or all to eat. Kut-Ku carve 2000 5
Kut-Ku Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Kut-Ku.An ultimate item. Kut-Ku carve, Kut-Ku drop (slight chance) 18000 8
Kut-Ku Skin Kut-Ku skin. Its crspy crunch is adored by all Kut-Ku Carve 3000 5
Marilyn Butterfly Its white wings have a single black beauty mark. A sexy critter. Area 2(bugs), Area 3(bugs), Area 10(bugs) 500 5
Lao-Shan Melon An incredibly enormous melon. It is a high-class gift. Area 7(Eggs) Egglike Area 8(Eggs)Egglike 9000 6
Shining Jellyfish A brightly shining type of mushroom. Said to guide travelers. Area 2(mushrooms), Area 6(west mushrooms) 800 4
Telos Stone Mineral found in the Telos Jungle. Its harmful rays fascinate man. Area 8(mining), Area 7(mining) 800 5
Velociprey Lilly A blue crest-like flower with a single red petal. Area 3(bait), Area 5(south herbs), Area 6(bones) 500
Victory Fish A incredibly powerful fish that can cross oceans alone. Area 9(fishing) 600 4

[edit] DesertEdit


Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Bright Mushroom Ocassionally luminous mushroom. Sometimes mistaken for a jewel. Area 2(south herbs), Area 5(south herbs) 800 4
Cephadrome Melon The biggest of the big Cephalos Melons. Area 1(herbs), Area 8(herbs) 5000 5
Cephalos Roe Cephalos eggs. Your tounge will be punch drunk in it's tasty sweetness. Cephalos carve 700 5
Cephalos Watrmeln Grown in the desert. Covered in sand like a cephalos. Area 1(herbs), Area 8(herbs) 600 4
Cooler Fish A fresh fish that can be eaten to ward of the heat of the day. Area 1(Fishing), Area 6(Fishing) 100 3
Cricket of Troy Cricket with beautiful feelers. Helps the environment. Area1(Bugs), Area 6(Bugs), Area 7(Bugs) 500 5
Daimyo Jewel Rarely formed jewel from inside a Diamyo Hermitaur. Peerless. Daimyo carve Egglike 18000 8
Daimyo Legs Tasty Daimyo Hermiter legs. Usually eaten raw. Daimyo Hermiter carve 2000 5
Dragokurium Mined from the Dragokur Valley. Very attractive shape. Area 10(mining), Area 9(south herbs) 500 5
Elder Dragon Fossil Fossilized over many years, it retains its power. Area 10(eggs) Egglike 9000 7
GldBladelessHndl Feylne shaped handle. If it had a blade maybe it'd be of use... Gathering in Area 1 (berries), Area 5 (south herbs), Area 8 (carts, barrels) 200 3
GoldFelynJewelSword Blade used at Felyne family reunions. Flashy solid gold. Combine Gold Handle and Gold Blade 2000 7
Hndlelss Gld Bld Gold Blade engraved with a cat's paw. If only you had a handle... Area 9(east herb), Area 10 (mining) 300 3
Hermitaur Brains The brains of a Hermitaur. A rare delicacy. Daimyo Hermitaur carve 3000 5
Monoblos Rose Isolated desert rose that blooms with a single crimson thorn. Area 1(herbs), Area 5(north herbs) 1000 6
Plump Goldenish Stout Goldenfish with a gaudy tail that screams high-class. Area 1(Fishing), Area 6(Fishing) 600 5
Sekumaeya Pearl Ore found in the Sekumaeya Desert. Comands a high price Area 10(mining) 1000 6
Yokotuna An incredibly fat tuna. Legend has it that it can sink a ship. Area 1(Fishing), Area 6(Fishing) 800 5

Note: Make Damiyo drop a Shiny by letting him finish eating (he will be putting something into his mouth using his claws) before attacking him.

[edit] SwampEdit


Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Bttmlss Old Vase A cracked vase. It has a strange power but no bottom... Area 6(south mushroom), Area 7(mining), Area 8(north bug, south berry) Combine with Vase Bottom to make Dynasty Vase 300 3
Chameleos' Purse Transparent flower thanks to its special pollen. Hard to find. Area 6(herbs), Area 7(north berry), Area 8(south berry) 500 4
Congalala Innards Innards of a Congalala. Eat before a hunt for extra energy. Congalala carve 2000 5
Congalala Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Congalala. Truly unrivaled. Congalala carve 20000 8
Congalala Stomach Stomach of a Congalala, it has a strange consistency. Congalala carve 3000 5
Cutie Crawler An incredibly beautiful earthworm. Digs like it were gliding. Area 1(bug), Area 8(Bugs) 500 5
Dynasty Vase A vase that is said to turn anything inside into gold. Combine Vase Bottom, Bottomless Vase 3000 7
Ghostly Cicada A beautiful cicada. Its romantic voice is tempting. Area 8(south bug) 1000 6
Golden Cocoon Silkworm cocoon spun from golden silk. A national treasure. Area 7(stone) Egglike 5000 6
Glittr Capshroom A glittering cap mushroom. Bright enough to be a light. Area 3(east herb), Area 4(north herb), Area 6(south mushroom) 1000 6
Gypceros Crystal Purple crystal. Its beauty fascinates jewel-loving Gypceros. Area 9(west mining) Egglike 10000 7
Hideyoshi Ambrjk A fish whose name changes as it ages. A paragon of fish warlords. Camp(fishing), Area 3(fishing) 600 5
Khezu Seed Those who eat these are said to have a Khezu's constitution. Area 3(east herb), Area 7(stone), Area 9(herb) 600 4
Liber Ruby A stone found in the outskirts of Liber City. A fiery red. Area 3(mining), Area 7(mining) 500 5
Old Vase Bottom The bottom of an old vase. It has a strange power. Area 3(east mining), Area 4(north mushroom), Area 9(stone, east mining) Combine with Bottomless Vase to make Dynasty Vase 300 3
Schradite Ore found in Shrade, said to have Elder Dragon-like power. Area 3(east mining), Area 7(mining) 800 5
Twstd Bldrm Tsk An amazing Bulldrome Tusk that resembles a Diablos horn. Bulldrome carve 2000 5

[edit] Forest And HillsEdit


Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Goldendrome The proud leader of the Goldenfish. Devours fishing lures. Camp (Fishing), Area 11(Fishing) 1000 6
Shakalaka Stone Superior polished Firecell Stone. Maybe it fits in a hole... Area 6(Bugs), area 11(Stones), Shakalaka(Carve) Rathian(Carve) Combine with Holed Shakalaka Mask to make Mysterious Mask 500 3
Holed Shakalaka Mask Old stone mask with a hole in the forehead. Something might fit... Area 2(Ivy), Area 7(Beehive), Area 10(), Shakalaka(Carve) Combine with Shakalaka Stone to make Mysterious Mask 300 3
Minegarde Night Made from rare Minegarde ore. Highly desirable in making jewelry. Area 11(Mining) 1000 6
Rathian Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Rathian. Truly first-rate. Rathian (Carve) Egglike 15000 7
Rathalos Jewel A rarely formed jewel from inside a Rathalos. An ultimate item. Rathalos (Carve) Egglike 20000 7
Mysterious Mask Mask handed down by Shakalakas. Said to grant ultimate power. Combine Shakalaka Stone amd Holed Shakalaka Mask to make 1000 7

[edit] VolcanoEdit


Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Basarios Peach A subterranean peach. Its above ground portion is like a rock. Area 6 1000 6
Athena Beetle Truly beautiful insect. It appears to understand you. Area 2 1000 6
Torn Old Book Area 2,3,5,6,7,8 400 3
Old Book Scrap Area 2,3,5,6,7,8 300 3
Eldr Drgn Rfrnc Reference book with notes on Elder Dragons. Written by Jon Arthur. Combine Old Book Scrap and Torn Old Book 1000 7
Teostra Meteor Shiny stone that fell from the heavens. The interior is scorching. Area 8(Mining. Super rare) ;Gravios Tail Egglike 18000 7
Gravios Jewel A rarely formed jewel form inside a Gravios. An ultimate item. Gravios(Carve) Egglike 20000 8

[edit] Great ForestEdit

Name Description Where to Find Points Rarity
Brilliant Aji Talented fish, good at figuring out how to steal your bait. Fish in Area 2 & 4 1000 6
Hornfly Princess Beautiful wings makes it the Princess of the insect world. Area 2, and Area 4 (East Bug) 1000 6
TaillessCatStatu The tail was cut at it's base on this stone Felyne statue... Area 1 (Break the rock), Area 2 (egg area), Area 3 (Honey: Break rock) 400 3
BrokenStoneTail Intricate stone tail. Looks like it was cut at the base... Area 6 (Break the Rock), Area 8 (egg area), Area 7(Northern Mining spot) 300 3
AncntCatKingStat Stone statue with a great air. A felyne ancestor, perhaps? Combine TaillessCatStatu and BrokenStoneTail 3000 7
ThsandYearForest Giant Seed born during an ancient forest's near eternal life. Area 3, and Area 8 12000 7
Garuga Jewel Spectacular jewel formed inside a Yian Garuga's body. Rare. Carve the tail of Yian Garuga 20000 8

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Treasure HuntingEdit

The items listed above are all the items that have points value in the Treasure Hunting Quests from Treshi. Only those treasures with a Rarity of 6 or more will show up on your Guild Card