With its highly aggressive nature belying its intelligence, Tigrex are Pseudowyverns that naturally inhabit the deserts and migrate to the Snowy Mountains to feast on Popo. They are visibly recognizable by the orange-yellow skin with blue stripes. Their wings have evolved into forelegs, which makes them very fast, but they only fly when moving to another zone. When coming from a high area, they drop straight down, rather than slowly hovering down like most wyverns however.when they didnt see the hunter.they might slowly hover down.

Tigrex is also one of the most powerful creatures in a MHFU unique area, the Gorge.


  • The Tigrex is known for having improved versions of normal wyvern attacks: it lunges forward to perform a double bite, frequently charges at the player (it can turn 180 degrees to make another pass at the player), executes its tail whip in a 360-degree motion, and can send the player rolling with its roar.
  • "Ledging" is possible with the Tigrex: when it charges, stand in front of a wall and move away with precise timing and it will bite into the wall, becoming stuck and effectively allowing you to land a few spare hits, as well as dropping Wyvern Tears or Wyvern Sobs (HR6 and above Tigrex).
  • Tigrex is very vulnerable when it is screaming. If you roll at the right time, the shock wont hurt you and you'll have a clear shot at it.
  • The Tigrex is the 5 star Urgent Quest from the Village Chief.
  • Tigrex's weakest point is its head.
  • The Tigrex and Nargacuga are vaguely similar, as they both move at the same speed in rage and standard mode, and have the same general body-structure. However, for the most part, Nargacuga fights completely differently.
  • It is possible to smash both front claws, the head twice (two horns/spikes) and cut the tail off for more rewards.
  • The Tigrex's hurled projectiles can go through walls. Beware when hiding behind walls.
  • Flash bombs can still be used on Tigrex while he is in rage mode. This is useful for players inexperienced in dodging his attacks, especially in his much faster rage mode, and it also chews up some of the rage mode duration, allowing you time to recover or set up a trap for him without much risk of being attacked, but beware not to let him face you or you may be hit by his snowball throw during this time.
  • While it is in rage mode it is prone to doing its 'Leap Forward' attack. If it performs this attack three times in a row he will almost always stop for a few seconds and taunt, giving hunters an opening for a few quick attacks.
  • Tigrex gets hungry every 10-15 minutes when fighting him, so bring along Drugged or Tainted meats and place it on the floor when enough time has passed. He will ignore you and rush to eat the meat, and incur whatever effect the meat induces.
  • Tigrex will always start its charge with its left paw, so if you're attacking it from the left, and it charges to an ally or Felyne Comrade, it will step over you.
  • When weak, the Tigrex will retreat to Area 3 of the Snowy Mountains or Area 9 of the Desert to rest.
  • In the Desert, Cephalos will occasionally attack Tigrex, in the same way Velociprey sometimes attack Rathian instead of the hunter.
  • Tigrex returns in Monster Hunter Freedom 3, along with Nargacuga.
  • Tigrex, along with Rathalos, will make a cameo appearance on another upcoming Play Station Portable Game, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.