Your Felyne Comrade cannot go with you when you are in a multiplayer/group battle or when you are fighting large monsters such as Shen Gaoren and Lao Shan-Lung.

Hiring a Felyne ComradeEdit

You hire a Felyne Comrade from the same Old Lady you would hire your Felyne Chefs from. Sometimes she'll be selling Comrades, sometimes she'll sell Chefs.

When you're looking at Comrades for hire you'll see a chart with all their stats; it'll look something like this:

  • Master: The Felyne Comrade's owner.
  • Felyne Lv: How high the Felyne's level is. The level cap is 20, but attack and defense can still be increased.
  • Attack: How strong the Comrade's attacks are.
  • Defense: How high the defense of the Felyne is.
  • Loyalty: How much the cat likes you; this affects how it acts in battle.
  • Lineage: What type/color of Felyne it is. The effects of a Felyne's lineage are only visual.
  • Character/Temperment: What kind of personality it has (how it acts in the middle of battle; fearless, cautious, etc).
  • Attack Type: Whether it uses Slash or Impact attacks. Impact has the K.O effect. Slashes can cut tails.
  • Combat Style: How the Felyne fights and what it uses during battle (Weapon, Bombs, both or doesn't attack at all).

The Comrade BoardEdit

The Comrade board is located in the kitchen, in the bottom right hand corner. This is also were your "Active" Felyne Comrades will be. You can only have 3 Felyne Comrades out, the others cannot be seen, and they cannot develop while not active.

These are the board's options:

  • Growth: Have your Cats undergo training that raises their stats.
  • Comrade Skills: Give your Felynes special skills with the points they have gained (up to 3 skills per Felyne).
  • Active/Reserve: Switch your active Feylnes, and which one is your Comrade.
  • Armor: Choose the armor your Felynes wear (just for looks). Possible types are Mafumofu, Acorn Mail and the new downloaded Felyne Samurai set (this new Armor make your Comrade's weapon turn into a Samurai sword if they are Slash type, or a wooden hammer if they are Impact).
  • Change/Dismiss: Turn your Fighter into a Felyne chef, or dismiss a fighter
  • Comrade Transfer: Exchange Comrades with your friends.


In this option you can choose what type of training your cat does while you're out on missions. These will slowly raise your fighter's stats.

  • Hand To Hand: Increases the Felyne's experience value.
  • Dumbells: Increases attack power.
  • Situps: Increases defense.
  • Forms: Increases Defense and Attack power at the same time slowly.
  • Meditation: Increases the Felyne's points (used to acquire Skills).
  • Rest: Cat takes a break, raising its Loyalty.

Weapon UpgradeEdit

As your Felyne Comrade levels up and its attack power becomes stronger, its weapon will change visually. See the chart below:

Attack Power Slash Weapon Impact Weapon Divider
0~150 Bone Pick Catspaw 10.6
150~300 Crystal Pick Acorn Hammer 8.9
301+ Ochre Scythe Barrel Hammer 8.0