Akantor is one of the most powerful monsters encountered in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. It has powerful forelimbs, thick spikes, a clawed tail, and large tusks. It is the "final boss" of Monster Hunter Freedom 2; it is unlocked after completing the High Rank Shen Gaoren urgent quest. Japanese title is literally "Supreme Monster".

Akantor's AppearanceEdit

Like the Tigrex, Akantor is of a similar build, although its wings have completely evolved into arms, preventing it from flying. It shares many of the same aspects of the Tigrex in both appearance and in battle, although due to its immense size its attacks are much slower. However, even though it is slow, it's so big you may not be able to escape its charge; you need to time it right, or you need a shield. Akantor, according to the game, is an unclassified species. However, due to the many similar traits of his cousin the Tigrex, many assume that it too is a Pseudo-Wyvern and has been classified as such.


  • Akantor's thick plating is apparently strong enough to resist the Gravios' heat blast. This enables Akantor to kill the Gravios in the video "Akantor Ecology."
  • Throwing a Sonic Bomb into Akantor's mouth before it uses its wind blast will stun the monster, and might cause it to drop a shiny.
  • Throwing Flash Bombs at Akantor will only stun the creature for 3 to 4 seconds, much shorter than for other monsters. However, this is an easy way to avoid Akantor's charge and other attacks.
  • Akantor's name is likely based on its Japanese name, Akamutorumu, because in comparison, Akantor forms into a name by taking Akamutorumu with an "n" being the addition to the name.
  • Akantor's tail can be easily cut off simply by attacking the underbelly of the beast, but closer to the joint where the tail begins. In this area you are almost immune to damage, with the exception of the body slam, and roar (not beam).
  • Sonic Bombs don't work when it is in Rage Mode.
  • In Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G there is a downloadable HR9 Akantor quest, which gives some unique rewards: Great Stones.
  • The Wind Tunnel will still deal a lot of damage even if you are guarding.
  • Painting Akantor and zooming into the map allows you to see where he goes when he digs